10 conferences to submit your "tech newbie" talk

A fresh bootcamp graduate delivering a talk at a tech conference is not a myth.

Caitlyn, a tech novice with a bootcamp certificate on hand, asks the Twitter “if anyone else within a year of their tech career has done a talk before? If so, which conf?”

I bet Caitlyn couldn’t ask for more replies. Lots of “if-you-want-go-for-it” comments, and names of conferences :wink: :point_down::point_down::point_down:.

  1. # !!Con (bangBangCon) West 2020, 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2020, Santa Cruz, CA

  2. DevOpsDays Seattle 2020, 14–15 Apr 2020, Seattle, WA. The CFP is open until 6 Jan 2020.

  3. REFACTR.TECH, 22–24 Apr 2020, Atlanta, GA

  4. Any edition of ACT-W. They will start in April 2020 in Chicago.

  5. Self.conference, 8–9 May 2020, Detroit, MI. The CFP is open until 25 Jan, 2020.

  6. Codelandconf. The 2019 edition happened in July. The 2020 dates are hopefully to be known soon.

  7. Any of NYC, SF, Chicago, LA, Seattle, etc chapters of Write/Speak/Code.
    The dates for the SF 2020 great gathering 2020 are not yet clear. The last year edition took place in August, 2019.

  8. CascadiaJS, 1–2 Sep 2020, Sunriver, OR.

  9. Momentum Developer Conference, 16 Oct 2020, Cincinnati, OH.

  10. Øredev, 4–6 Nov 2020, Malmo, Sweden.

Also mentioned in the thread:
Meetings of Code Camp NYC, Donut.js, and local editions of Security BSides.