14 tech events in France and how foreign conferences can be effective

There is good advice for career development: never miss an opportunity to sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge through communicating with other people having similar interests.

Who would argue with that?

But what if learning through communication is a routine, and one feels the process might soon be getting stale? What can be done?

Here is a way to make it exciting again.

The time-proven means boils down to changing the site of the learning process from time to time. That would trigger one’s deep-set instincts for being more sensitive to what is going on around and refresh one’s involvement abilities.

That said, as you pursue your educational goals, never miss a chance to go to places you have never been before.

What would you say? Have you ever thought about attending non-domestic conferences? What countries would you like to go most?

Have a look at a selection of tech events taking place in France in September through December. Ever thought about going to France? That could be the chance. Worried about the insufficient level of French? Many talks are presented in English.

The range of topics is wonderful, to name a few of them: DevOps, ML/AI, frontend and backend development, web performance, Python, Javascript, Scala, Agile practices, etc.

September 2019:

October 2019:

November 2019:

December 2019: