Abstractions II, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, 21 - 23 Aug 2019

Abstractions II

Abstractions Conference is a Cross-Discipline Software Conference for Everyone.

If you want to attend an event where you can learn from a wide variety of perspectives, then our conference is for you.

Abstractions is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together everyone involved in modern software development to teach, learn, and connect. With three full days of amazing content from a huge list of diverse speakers, we hope you’ll join us and designers, developers, DevOps, managers, quality assurance, support, and community leaders from around the world.

Abir Farhat is sharing her impression on the Abstractions II: Pittsburgh’s Interdisciplinary, Inclusive Tech Conference.

This conference looks like a great event to attend!
From topics, talks and speakers to amazing initiatives such as emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness, scholarship programs by Code and Supply and healthier views about careers and hiring.
We look forward to next year’s Abstractions!

“The majority of sessions were technical; nonetheless they weren’t overly fixated on ideas and theory. There was a larger focus on real life applications of said ideas. For instance, the fabled neural networks were presented as a music-making tool, deep learning was discussed as a problem solving medium as well as a potentially bias spreading one. Speakers told stories, about themselves or their companies, to illustrate the less tangible things. The talks were definitely not ivory tower cliches.”
by Abir Farhat

Abstractions is a multidisciplinary tech conference that takes place in Pittsburgh. I went to the first one in 2016 and was blown away with the quality of both talks and attendees. That was also the first time I really got to explore a lot of Pittsburgh, and I really took to the city right away. So when 2019 was announced, I signed up immediately, knowing I was getting into something that was going to be really special.”

Read on the full post by @johnbintz about the 2019 Abstractions here. He shares his notes on some of the talks and a lot of photos!

Really excited to know that the conference is soo focused on its community.

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Was super happy to meet Colin Dean at the Pycon earlier this year.
Hi is one of the folks behind this incredible conference and and a super nice person!