Anjuan Simmons. "Lending Privileges" keynote at THAT Conference 2019

The talk “Lending Privileges” by Anjuan Simmons was keynote at THAT Conference 2019 on August 5-8, 2019.

The speech was about diversity, inclusion, and what steps any of us could make in order to make the global community a better place.

A tweet from an attendee says:

I can't say enough good things about @anjuan and what he brought + delivered to @ThatConference. The whole thread here 🙌 But this one, all the yes! If we each made small, intentional & consistent choices everyday imagine how we could change our lives, others' lives & industry.

— Sara Gibbons (@saragibby) August 10, 2019

Hmm… I want to know more, I thought, and started googling! And it has turned out that the slides and speaker’s baseline notes were open sourced, on Anjuan’s web-site.

I read the notes and was impressed, I shared the link with my colleagues, and asked them to share their impressions afterwards. Well, they said were impressed too.

You might be surprised to know that the first time the talk was given off the stage, happened in 2016, at GitHub’s CodeConf. Three years ago! Then just add over 10 other times that the talk was delivered at other conferences. And the topic is still actual.

Anjuan Simmons, courtesy of

I have reached Anjuan in Twitter to know whether he is going to deliver the talk at other conferences in 2019. He answered that some discussions are going on, but no exact dates yet, and that he typically posts it on Twitter.

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“Lending Privileges” slides and the speaker’s notes: