Chicago CTO Summit 2020, Chicago, IL, United States, 18 Aug 2020

Chicago CTO Summit 2020


From the web-site:

"We have rescheduled our Austin and Chicago summits for late summer, and we have a confirmed backup date for San Francisco of August 6th in case it is not prudent to run the summit on May 19th.

For a short time, we will continue to offer that anyone buying a ticket to a spring 2020 event will automatically get two years for the price of one. We know there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment. Buy a ticket right now, and you get the option of attending the 2020 summit as well as the 2021 summit, so you get this year for free!

Even if you don’t attend, you get exclusive access to attendee only videos and an online, invite only community that we are rolling out for vetted engineering leaders - starting with our summit attendees."