Conferences to attend in New York (Sep-Nov 2019)

Conferences are awesome. The inspiring atmosphere, speakers, networking opportunities, food and many more - all of these make the conferences the experience you want to have and, once obtained, to be plunged into again.

Below is the list of conferences to take place in New York in September-November 2019.

:question: In case you are attending one of them, share with us why you have picked that very conference? What are your expectations? Are you a speaker? Congratulations! Let us know what would be the topic?

:question: Or maybe you attended one of these conferences earlier? If so, what were your biggest takeaways?

Adulting.Dev. September 7, 2019

try! Swift Conference. September 9-10, 2019

ProductCon. September 10, 2019

React Day New York. September 13, 2019

PyGotham 2019. October 4-5, 2019

AgileCamp New York Metropolitan 2019. October 4, 2019

Serverlessconf NY’2019. October 7-9, 2019

SmashingConf New York 2019. October 15-16, 2019

Tech Up for Women. November 19, 2019

TestMasters ConTEST NYC 2019. November 20-22, 2019

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