DotNext Moscow 2019, Moscow, Russia, 6 - 7 Nov 2019

DotNext Moscow 2019

DotNext 2019 Moscow is a conference for .NET developers that takes place on November 6-7, 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

The conference talks are devoted to the present and the future of .NET platform, performance optimization, .NET platform inner workings, architecture and design patterns, .NET challenging problems and best practices.

DotNext is about:

  • three dozens of talks held by the world's leading experts such as Jon Skeet, Jeffrey Richter, Sasha Goldshtein, Jon Galloway, Andrey Akinshin.
  • 2 days of talks in three rooms and over 1000 developers from companies like Google, Microsoft, and JetBrains, exchanging their experience and achievements at BOFs, discussion zones and the party.
  • the high-quality 1440p online broadcast allows those who can't reach Moscow in person to take part in the conference.

By JUG.RU Group