Droidcon NYC 2019, New York, NY, United States, 26 - 27 Aug 2019

droidcon NYC 2019

The 6th edition of droidcon New York City will take place August 26-27th, 2019!

Learn from the top thought leaders in Android.

This year will feature:

  • 70+ technical Android talks

  • Workshops & codelabs

  • Best-in-class speakers from top Android teams in the USA, Europe and worldwide

Very-very soooon!

Stacy Devino, “unofficial SWAG lady”, among the speaker’s list. Will give "A Talk about Talking : Making a Memorable Presentation.

The list of all speakers is here.

Yash Prabhu, keynote speaker, “Being more than an Android Developer

Don’t miss!

John O’Reilly, “SwiftUI meets Kotlin Multiplatform!

Ana Baotic, “Inhibiting the impostor

Jason Pearson, “Advanced & Practical MotionLayout

Sam Edwards aka HandstandSam, “SELECT * FROM Kotlin

BTW, all Sam’s handstands are here

Joe Birch & Ataul Munim, “Making a mountain out of a module

Matteo Bonifazi is coming from Italy to give his talk “Invading the home screen

Just came across a post by Victoria Gonda on how it all was in 2018.

Returning to droidcon NYC