Girl Geek Academy x Gremlin - Chaos Engineering Remote Bootcamp 2020 - April 29 & 30, 30 Apr 2020

Girl Geek Academy x Gremlin - Chaos Engineering Remote Bootcamp 2020 - April 29 & 30

The bootcamp will be midday to 2pm Sydney/Melbourne time

You're invited to this FREE workshop hosted by Girl Geek Academy and presented by our friends from Gremlin. We will learn new things about how the internet works (and what happens when it doesn't) through the lens of Chaos Engineering.

In real life we know it's important to identify failures before they snowball into big problems. Well, same goes for online environments!

Chaos Engineering means breaking things - yes, breaking things - in a controlled environment. This workshop teaches us about uncovering weaknesses in a system and building confidence in its capability to withstand turbulent conditions.

You will also use Chaos Thinking to enable you to stay calm and think through chaos, plan for chaos and work your way out of it. You will learn to use the scientific method to uncover and solve problems.

All you need is a laptop in this remote, browser-based workshop presented by Chaos Engineers!

Simply click "Add to Calendar" to add this event to your diary. Then return to this page on April 29 to join us. Feel free to bring your lunch

Things We’ll Cover:

  • Laying the Foundations
  • Chaos Engineering Hands-On Lab
  • Achieving Success: Break Through
  • Q&A

Let's learn to break things on purpose! Fun!

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking forward to joining you all for this fun bootcamp : )
I encourage you to come along wearing the most chaotic outfit you can pull together!

The bootcamp will be midday to 2pm Sydney/Melbourne time!

See you soon

Sounds great. Would this bootcamp be suitable for someone aged 8 years old?

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Hi Lily, yes for sure! This bootcamp is all ages :slight_smile:

Hi Tammy, I’m really keen to hear and get involved in this, but I will be back in my workplace on Thurs.
Is there anyway you will be recording it for those who can’t get there live? Or will you be doing it again soon?

Hi Marieke, we’ll be running it again soon! :slight_smile: We’re running this over lunch in Australia time if that helps, so it’s a lunch & learn. You can participate with an ipad/phone if you can’t get a laptop.

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Awesome, thanks Tammy! Unfortunately I can’t make today either, but looking forward to when you run it again.

I am unable to see join conference option. Any link to join ?

We are also unable to join. We registered but cannot see a JoinConference button as instructed. Pls help!

Join the event via here