Nate Ebel at Droidcon Boston 2018 and ChicagoRoboto 2018

Today we are happy to introduce Nate Ebel.

You might have watched him speaking at Droidcon Boston 2018 and ChicagoRoboto 2018.

:wave: :wave: :wave: if you attended the events and Nate’s speeches.

If you are now struggling upon your talk and have already encountered with the anxiety over the topic you have chosen, take a break and read this post.

Wise words from Nate will hopefully ease that feeling.

Nate is really a brave man. He documented the preparation process and named every feeling that he went through before the talks.

And after the talks.

“Another unexpected challenge in 2018 was that of full-blown burnout. After the stress of my first two conference talks followed up by a trip to Google I/O, I was worn out physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Check his blog and YouTube channel (preparing to share’ playlist is :clap::clap::clap:).

He is sharing a lot of things: Android Dev tips, practical tips for conference attendees, conference vlogs, Kotlin tutorials for beginners and more.

Are you documenting the preparation process?

How do you cope with uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and fear?

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