Nelida Velazquez at NSSpain 2018

We are starting our collection of stories from first-time speakers.

Nelida Velazquez from Detroit Labs.

She made her first talk “Embrace Your Legacy… Code” at NSSpain in 2018.

Her story is amazing and unique. And typical at the same time.

How I Survived My First Conference Talk as an Introvert

She got inspired by people she met at a conference and transformed that inspiration into a strong determination to give her own talk someday. Her partner, mentors, colleagues were part of the prep process. They gave her little pushes she needed from time to time.

She did tremendous work: from the day she started selecting the topic until the day she came out on stage and enjoyed the moment.

We name it a journey, but after you read the story you will see that it was a struggle she won.

3 quotes from the story which could be useful tips for wanna-be speakers:

“I had to try a few different topics before I found the right one, but maybe you will find yours right away.”

“Rejection hit me pretty hard despite all the warnings I had read about this feeling in many articles. Ultimately, I shrugged my shoulders and kept moving forward.”

“Over-practicing doesn’t exist.”

Nelida’s twitter:

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By the way, Nelida will be talking tomorrow at Swiftfest 2019.

Have a look at the schedule: