Paul Hudson's list of best Swift and iOS conferences in 2020

Paul Hudson has rolled out a list of 20 conferences to happen in 2020 that he can “vouch for”.
Paul is a known conference speaker and the author of multiple books on all things Swift and iOS.

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Here are the conferences from Paul’s list (arranged by location + date)

The Europe-based list is the most extensive.

USA (only 2 events):

AND Apple Worldwide Developers Conference - WWDC20. But the exact date and location are not confirmed. Most probably - June and San Jose.


February - June (6 events) :point_down::point_down::point_down:


July - September (11 events) :point_down::point_down::point_down:

The dates + locations of these 9 events are yet to be determined:

SwiftAveiro, June (TDB), Aveiro, Portugal
Swift Island, July (TBD), The Netherlands
Hacking with Swift: Live!, July (TBD), UK
SwiftConf Cologne, August (TBD), Germany
NSSpain, September (TBD), Spain
#PragmaConference, October(TBD), Italy
Mobiconf, October (TBD), Poland
Swift Heroes, November (TBD), Italy
Swift Alps, November (TBD), Switzerland