PyCon Korea 2019, Seoul, South Korea, 15 - 18 Aug 2019

PyCon Korea 2019

PyCon is a non-commercial conference held by Python Programming Communities over the world. PyCon Korea has been successfully hold in several years with a group of volunteers called ‘PyCon Korea Preparation Organizers’, who support the local Korean Python community.

The slogan of PyCon Korea 2019 is "Connect the Pythonistas".

PyCon can be a place where Python users meet, or a place that connects with other languages or communities. In PyCon, you can meet someone who is researching deeply on one thing, another Pythonista from a different field, or a friend of yours.

With PyCon, we want all the Pythonistas who are in different fields and heading to different directions to get together and become an awesome constellation. See you again at PyCon Korea 2019.