ServerlessDays Melbourne 2019, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 29 Aug 2019

ServerlessDays Melbourne 2019


Serverless is a recent addition to the long list of technologies that promise to accelerate software delivery, reduce cost of compute ownership and provide unicorns and rainbows for all. And like all industry buzzwords it generates enthusiasm and skepticism in equal measure – how to move beyond the hype?

ServerlessDays started life as JeffConf, a tongue in cheek conference in the spirit of Paul Johnston’s blog post, “Serverless is just a name. We could have called it Jeff”, an attempt to move beyond the Serverless buzzword and focus on the practical use of function as a service platforms and the value they provide. It is a one day, community focused, single track event centred on sharing real world Serverless based solutions within the local Melbourne IT community. It is about fostering a vibrant technology ecosystem and helping all of us learn from each other as we embrace a new way of building applications.

The first ServerlessDays Melbourne looks to build on the success of the previous ServerlessDays events in other cities all over the world. Our focus is on building a community through sharing of experiences, made accessible without a large commitment of time or money.