The Benefits of Speaking at Tech Conferences

A fantastic post by Umar Hansa with a great collection not-so-obvious speaker benefits and insights.
Umar is a front-end web developer, an avid traveler and an experienced international speaker. He has been on stages in 10 countries and knows how to get most of your speaking and traveling!

From Umar’s post you will learn:

  • smart way to explore the city/country where conference is taking place
  • how to enjoy the conference together with you partner or close friend
  • great advice on choosing accomodation and flights
  • all the benefits of conference networking (sometimes unexpected ones)
  • how to get most of your conference slides, videos and photos
  • how to pass on an opportunity you’re uncomfortable about (interview, Q&A session, etc)
  • why speaking is an absolutely unique experience!

You can learn a lot more from Umar’s website, Twitter or YouTube channel.


Love this one from the article:

Speaking even just once allows you to build and maintain a personal brand.