Try! Swift NYC 2019, New York, NY, United States, 9 - 10 Sep 2019

try! Swift NYC 2019

try! Swift Conference is an international community gathering about the latest advancements in Swift Development. The event is about bringing together talent from all around the world to collaborate and share advanced knowledge and techniques to improve Swift craftsmanship. Coming again to New York City on September 9th & 10th 2019, with workshops on September 8th!

Marwan Alani attended Try! Swift NYC conference in 2018 and shortly after wrote a Medium post sharing his impressions and advice to those considering future editions of the event.

He speaks most highly about the organizers (“Huge kudos to Natasha & her amazing team of organizers (and the many, many volunteers)”) and pinpointed their great job of sessions structuring ("…you’re less likely to get two consecutive heavy-hitting technical sessions in a row.").

Awesome “during the event” tips & tricks from Marwan to get the most of the conference.
The two I liked most:

  • “you should consider trying new things, having fun, and becoming extra social (I’m an introvert, so I have an idea about the struggle); it’s well worth it.”
  • “If you see a speaker, organizer, and/or volunteer, please do thank them for their efforts!”