Voice Conference 2019, Berlin, Germany, 9 - 11 Dec 2019

Voice Conference 2019


Process the Power of Natural Language

We use our voice to express ourselves—our feelings, opinions, thoughts. With only natural learning, we are capable of creating a whole world of communication, making it the strongest and purest instrument we have. The Voice Integration Technology brings this power to digital live and can already be found in more than 100 million voice first devices. Is your’s the next one?

Create and Shape Advanced Sound

Today’s technologies—like Natural Language Processing (NLP)—open new paths to process, (re-)create and most importanty to understand human language. With such key technologies evolving more and more, also the Voice Recognition technology will advance further. Learn with us the newest trends and developments of conversational design and virtual assistants!

Build Up the Future of Business

The possibilities of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning bring more and more intelligence into the human-computer interactions. At Voice Conference, leading experts will show you what is already possible today, how the future of Voice Recognition Software looks like and why Chatbots and Virtual Assistants will become an essential part of our daily lives. Be part of the change!