What's your strategy when choosing conferences? + poll

How do you choose conferences?

What do you do when such factors as topics, budget, location, dates are considered, and you are still facing a challenge to pick one out of a number of alike events?

Some of my tech friends I talked to about it said they act intuitively, but is intuition always the best adviser?

Aren’t there other relevant, but underestimated factors?

Dorie Clark (she is the author ‘Entrepreneurial You’) points to five barely noticeable at first, but nonetheless crucial factors factors. Which one would you apply?

  • If you are at the beginning of your career, prioritize networking goals.
  • Pursue diversity when building your network.
  • Apply a forward-looking approach to professionals attending the conference you are heading to.
  • Budget flights and hotels are sold out quickly. Register for the conference as early as you can.
  • Let your boss be the first person to know and agree with your plans.

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